Homeowners Insurance

There's no place like home!  We understand the importance of your home and its contents. We work hard to provide you excellent coverage, an excellent price and excellent service in case of a claim.  We also provide insurance for secondary residences, vacation property, rental homes, mobile homes and flood, fire and wind insurance.


Personal Liability Insurance

Accidents happen anywhere, anytime and anyone can be sued for injuries or damages.  A personal liability policy provides you with greater coverage than your homeowners or auto policy. Accidents caused by reckless teenage drivers, kids playing rough and hurting a friend, the family pet taking a bite out of a neighbor or someone falling down your unsafe steps are just some examples of personal liability.  Lawsuits are expensive and a good personal liability policy can protect you from a multitude of accidents.


Auto Insurance

An auto insurance policy is required to operate a motor vehicle throughout the United States. A comprehensive auto insurance plan can protect you by assessing your liability in an accident and fending off illegitimate claims.

Two types of auto insurance are mandated in the US: The no-fault system and the tort system. Used by most states, the no-fault system stipulates that your insurance company will pay your injury claims in the event of an accident (up to a predetermined limit), no matter who caused it.


The tort system, by contrast, stipulates that those who are injured in auto accidents must seek out-of-pocket medical care, and then hold the insurance company of the driver responsible for reimbursement. Such individuals must be able to prove that the medical care was reasonable and necessary. Under this law, the party at fault cannot sue for reimbursement of medical expenses.


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