Marshall & Swift Valuation Service --Free

The time to discover that your church is underinsured is NOT when you have a fire.  The consequences could be devastating.  It may mean the end of your church.  With a small effort on your part, IB staff will compute the replacement value of your building(s), incorporating the most recent code requirements.  Of course, this is not a full appraisal, but it will give you an idea of where your church should be.





Loss Prevention Survey --Free

Managing church activities, staff, volunteers, and your building(s), is no simple matter, especially if you are a new board member.  Where to begin?  The IB offers a survey and inspection service that is geared to churches and their missions.  Surveys include an on-site visit, consultation, and follow-up.  At the conclusion of the survey you will be provided with baseline "marching orders" that you can use (as lay people) to take the next step in loss prevention.  Areas addressed are: conditions of buildings and grounds, property value, and financial management processes.


Electrical Inspection by TEGG --Subsidized

If your building(s) is more than 25 years old, you likely have electrical system issues.  Defects include aging infrastructure, amateur repairs, and exposure to power surges which endanger your church, building, and/or activities (HVAC, security systems, computers, musical instruments).  The Insurance Board has partnered with a company to offer each of its participants an electrical inspection by a licensed professional.  In addition to the inspection, churches can receive a repair allowance for defects identified as "critical" by the professional.

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